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I've logged in trying to update blank street names using Potlach 2.

I type the letter P and then no letters can be added after. On other street, cannot type any letters. Dropdowns work. Text entry fails.

Deleted non-existing streets. Could not type comments.

Using Apple OS X, system 10.7.3.


asked 28 Mar '12, 04:36

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your keyboard is working? Did you try to write a text in a different application, like Word, afterwards?

(28 Mar '12, 07:56) moszkva ter

Of course I would have noticed if it wasn't working.

This message was typed while I had the map open.

I was able to use the JOSM editor successfully.


(28 Mar '12, 08:17) GaryREM

What Flash Player version are you using?

(28 Mar '12, 11:22) Richard ♦

I was using Flash Player, couldn't enter text. Today I installed and have the same problem.

(28 Mar '12, 15:56) GaryREM

That's very strange; have not had any reports of that so far (and P2 is tested, and partly developed, on the Mac).

Is it always the letter P, or do others have the same effect?

Is there any particular area where it happens?

(28 Mar '12, 16:09) Richard ♦

It appears that the first letter works. I had another street I was trying to update and got an F entered but no other letter once the first was entered. This happens in both the simple and advanced views.

(28 Mar '12, 16:24) GaryREM

OK. This works in Firefox on Mac. It appears this is a problem in Safari 5.2 (unreleased).

(28 Mar '12, 16:56) GaryREM

Ah, ok. Safari is by far the worst browser on the Mac for running Flash apps (possibly deliberately). I've largely switched to Opera because of its bad behaviour. If it persists into the release version I guess we'll need to find a workaround.

(28 Mar '12, 17:54) Richard ♦
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