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How can I tag an abandoned construction site of a subway?

There was significant work done, including several tunnels are completed, but the construction was halted some 20 years ago, due to financial reasons.

Mining shafts are still present, and other construction sites, so it is easy to follow the route in the city. Therefore, it would be nice to add it to the map, if someone wants to do some research about it.

for now I was doing this:

railway=construction; construction=abandoned; abandoned=subway (tunnel=yes, layer=*)

Is that the correct way, or are there other suggestions available?

asked 24 Mar '12, 07:19

moszkva%20ter's gravatar image

moszkva ter
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No objections to my tagging? Then I suppose, it's ok and I will leave it this way.

(27 Mar '12, 10:31) moszkva ter

You proposal seems good to me.

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answered 27 Mar '12, 13:36

extropy's gravatar image

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That sounds fine to me. Some other mappers would just tag it with railway=abandoned, but I don't think that's right.

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answered 27 Mar '12, 14:49

RussNelson's gravatar image

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once the construction is finished, it will be railway=abandoned :)

(27 Mar '12, 15:02) moszkva ter
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