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Hallo, there seems to be a Issue, to see the maps at IE 6 and IE7. I tried it at 4 different PCs with IE7 in different locations. IE 8 and IE 9 are working fine. You can reproduce the Issue with Internet Explorer Developer Tools, by changing the Document Mode to Internet Explorer 7 Standard. Do you plan to solve the issue?

Ragards Adam

asked 22 Mar '12, 12:33

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I tested with a real IE7 on XP. No map rendered at all when accessing ;-)

(22 Mar '12, 13:05) gerdami

Methinks you're "'avin' a larf".

Being serious for a second, OSM is a collaborative project. If you really want to create a website that allows people using IE6 and IE7 to view OSM maps, nothing's stopping you. The server side is described here - obviously you'd need to replace the JS libraries here with something else (probably involves writing an ActiveX control or something). If the rest of us want to travel back in time, we can always try here (and no, the slippy map doesn't work there either).

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answered 22 Mar '12, 17:24

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SomeoneElse ♦
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Thanks for the report. The best place to report bugs in is with our bug-tracking system, . If you post there, a developer will be very likely to see your report and be able to act on it.

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answered 22 Mar '12, 15:54

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Richard ♦
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Thank you Richard. In in many companies is still IE 7 installed, and the users can not use openstreetmap anymore.

Regards Adam

(23 Mar '12, 13:11) newibo

Users should not go to OSM for private use during working hours. If companies want to use OSM, they should upgrade to modern browsers!

(23 Mar '12, 14:11) gerdami

gerdami - this is off-topic. Please do not post your opinions about browsers or people's work practices here, save that for the mailing lists. Thank you.

(23 Mar '12, 18:15) Richard ♦

OK for IE6, it should die, too many bugs (and too much time invested by developers trying to find some imperfect workarounds that generate their own new bugs or incompatibilities with all other browsers) !

But IE7 is still a valid choice. Not everyone can run IE8 or IE9 on their installation of Windows (but then they should switch to other supported browsers, all of them supporting older OSes but the newest HTML5 features almost completely, and a much faster scripting engine).

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answered 28 May '12, 08:35

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Support to IE6 has been dropped by

Do not spare time and money for IE6 (and IE7)!

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answered 22 Mar '12, 12:56

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(22 Mar '12, 14:06) gerdami

OpenStreetMap is here to make a free map of the world. It's not generally our concern what browsers people use!

(22 Mar '12, 15:54) Richard ♦

Use of FireFox would be better for such users.

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answered 28 Nov '12, 15:03

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Pascal Boule...
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IE6 is not worth the value to work on, but IE7 is still very live (even if since then IE8 is more widespread, and IE9 is used by default by most Windows 7 users, and now IE10 starts in Windows8)

--- Side note ---

I really do not recommand for now Windows 8: too much bugs in the new "tiled" shell, which is extremely slow, and hangs/crashes frequently in almost all applications, even the simplest ones like the Calendar or basic free games proposed by Microsoft; also this shell is compeltely unusable for performing basic searches: no support of the keyboard, no way to filter what is displayed... including in the online application store which is almost unusable and will not scale to the many apps that will be referenced there, promoting effectively only a few apps and many others that people will never find. We'll need to wait at least a good service pack to reinclude a supprot for the keyboard, fix the tiled presentation, and restore the functionality of the Desktop with a start menu like Windows 7. Windows 8 does not even run correctly as a guest OS in a Windows Server VM or in other hypervisors. Also the interface is intuitive ONLY if you have a touch screen and want to point your finger on it (the keyboard/mouse interface was completely untested, Windows 8 is definitely NOT accessible).

Personally I call Windows 8 as "Windows Infinite" (also meaning "unfinished"). I rotate the 8 digit like it was in an early Beta logo of this Microsoft Project. Most users will wait for Windows 9... in 3-4 years, and I'll call it "Windows Neuf" (related to French "refait à neuf", i.e. "New" as: cleaned up as if it was really new and finished for final delivery to customers).

For this reason IE10 will probably have small success (except on some tablets, but Android and Apple are still winning in this mobile market : Webkit rocks on almost all platforms except embedded appliances like HDTVs where Opera Embedded is still prevalent !)

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answered 26 Nov '12, 21:59

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edited 26 Nov '12, 22:11


This is about Openstreetmap, not for reviews of operating systems.

(26 Nov '12, 22:27) ChrisH

The "review" was just a side note, separated fro mthe response. But even in this context I replied to the concern about browsers to support, because gerdami (above) wanted to drop the support of IE6 and IE7. But you have forgotten other browsers that become more widespread : Opera Embedded is one of them (Opera Mobile is more supported by OSM applications, it is far less limited). But I certainly don't want to limit the developments for IE10 (except that it is still a bit soon to release something stable, notably in the new "tiled" interface for Windows 8, which will certainly change a lot, unlike IE for Windows Phone which is already stable).

Can't you understnad this ? I clearly made the separation, and it was initially not a comment to OSM developers but to gerdami.

(27 Nov '12, 06:52) Verdy_p

This is a place for answers, not discussions. Use the mailing lists to hold discussions.

(27 Nov '12, 09:19) ChrisH

Do this. Don't do this. Do you want to make this place unpleasant?

(27 Nov '12, 11:33) gerdami

I want to make this place useful to many people. Verdy_p seems to want to fill it with rambling, off-topic stuff and questions posed in a way to make it hard to answer here. germandi wants to tell people what they can and can't do (see above), then complains because others make suggestions of what to do. I have now been drawn into a discussion which does not belong here and I will not respond further, except to say my suggestions are given in good faith and some questions are much better asked in a different medium such as the forum or a mailing list.

(27 Nov '12, 12:04) ChrisH

Hey Chris, you were the only one to ramble here ! I was not rambling against anyone. Please calm yourself ! And don't invent things about my intentions ("Verdy_p seems to want to..."), my good faith is honnest and at least as valuable as yours.

(27 Nov '12, 13:13) Verdy_p

ChrisH is completely right, this is not a discussion site. See the FAQ.

(27 Nov '12, 14:56) scai ♦
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