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I clicked on http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Spreadnik/Tutorial to learn something about XML-Stylesheets.

I found a link to an example called generate_image.py (http://weait.com/content/make-your-first-map).

This link doesn't work.

Does anyone know, where I can find this example.

Is there any tutorial about XML-Stylesheets, where I can get to know more about this method of styling my maps.

Greetings Matthias

asked 21 Mar '12, 12:13

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You can get that page via archive.org. However, rather than following the prerequisite links from that page you might be better off following those on switch2osm instead. Once you've got a working tile server, you'll then have generate_image.py and can edit that to define what area you want an image of.

Those pages will get you an OSM server and the OSM Mapnik 0.7 stylesheet. If you want to actually modify styles though, there are probably easier options. Search help.osm.org for "Tilemill" (which is an answer typically given to similar questions) and you'll see lots of questions and answers.

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answered 21 Mar '12, 13:26

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You can check any page on archive.org. Most of the tutorials on weait.com have moved to switch2osm.org and is kept up to date there.

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answered 21 Mar '12, 13:26

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