Tried to edit for the first time today. No icons to the left, only headings. No Bing imaging either, so I stopped editing. I use Safari 5.1,4 on an Imac with OSX 10.7.3. Can somebody guide me so I can start contributing?

asked 19 Mar '12, 18:40

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I have now also information about the Flash Player I use in Safari. It´s version Can anyone from the Mac world tell what is the problem? The firewall on my Imac is also off.

(20 Mar '12, 18:20) Honning

10.1 is too old. If you upgrade to the latest version it should work.

(20 Mar '12, 18:57) Richard ♦

Thanks Richard! Downloading the latest Flash Player ( did the trick. Now I can see the icons to the left and Bing imaging. Now I can start editing the map.

(20 Mar '12, 19:25) Honning

Welcome. Have you read the beginners guide and watched the videos on editing. The options change when you drawn a way or polygon. You may have to click on the background box and then select your choice. Hopefully these steps will get you started good luck

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answered 19 Mar '12, 19:25

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andy mackey
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I use Mac OS 10.4.11 and Firefox and some months ago I began to have the same problem. I could edit flawlessly before but something suddenly changed (maybe by December or January, I don't remember). Now Potlatch2 is totally useless for me: no icons on the left, no background image, the pointer doesn't select any elements and only draws nodes without me being able to stop it by double clicking, etc. That is the reason why I had not done any editions lately, except for a few elementary ones that I did using Potlatch1. Right now I am at a cybercafe trying to do some edition on a PC while my Mac is sleeping at home. It is evident for me that some kind of modification was done to OSM a few months ago that rendered P2 useless on my Mac. Does anyone know what happens?

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answered 20 Mar '12, 17:56

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What Otto as said as reminded me that I had a similar problem with Win PC that was cured by flash update at that time

(20 Mar '12, 18:24) andy mackey

Thanks. Yes, I´ve read the beginners guide and watched the tutorials. It´s strange that I do not see any icons to the left. I have tried also selecting Bing on the background box. No luck. Any other suggestions??

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answered 19 Mar '12, 19:43

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no sorry maybe somebody else as solved this

(19 Mar '12, 19:51) andy mackey

might be security or firewall blocking it maybe. it did on my windows pc when I tried josm see

(19 Mar '12, 19:56) andy mackey
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