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All I have used osmdroid and i want to download map zip files from android app and than create offline map. Any one have more knowledge about osmdroid and offline map and navigation.

asked 19 Mar '12, 12:39

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Girish Bhutiya
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What about contacting the guys that are developing Osmdroid in these days to get hints for your aims?

(22 Mar '12, 20:00) stephan75

I just want to know how can i download file for particular region from my android program i don't want to use MOBAC to download map and than add into my sdcard.

(23 Mar '12, 06:14) Girish Bhutiya

Did you ever manage to to this? I am trying to do the same.

(16 May '14, 17:28) tomasbarrios

A quick scan of osmdroid's wiki suggests that it seems to use tiles in OSM's native format. You'd therefore need to find a source of those tiles, and as you suggest OSM's tile servers probably aren't an option because of OSM's tile usage policy.

You could set up a tile server yourself, or talk to someone who already has such a setup. Then you can download the region you're interested in and load it into the database. Finally, the OSM tools that are installed on your tile server will include, so you can edit that to cover the region that you want and then run it.

Be aware, however, that a large region or high zoom level of tiles will require lots of SD card space (and take a long time to generate tiles for). What region and what tile depth/zoom level are you interested in?

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answered 11 Apr '12, 11:54

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SomeoneElse ♦
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Region is dynamic based on GPS cordinate and zoom level is upto 16 so how can i build it, can you more help about this.?

(11 Apr '12, 12:18) Girish Bhutiya

As an example, Latvia (latvia.osm.pbf is 28Mb) produces 15k (110Mb) of png files. The planet, at 16Gb of pbf, is quite a bit larger.

Are you really proposing to generate tiles for the whole planet?

(11 Apr '12, 13:37) SomeoneElse ♦

we want not get whole planet but we want download up to few km according to device latitude longitude.

(19 Apr '12, 09:35) Girish Bhutiya

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