How can I reverse all my historical? What I meant to do is to undo all the changes I made!

asked 17 Mar '12, 22:43

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O Basofias
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how do you mean? Did you make a mistake at one point and want it corrected? Or you want to remove all contributions you ever made? And for what reason?

(18 Mar '12, 09:34) moszkva ter

I suspect that you're asking about changeset 10999416 - if so, don't worry - someone has already reverted it.

(18 Mar '12, 23:34) SomeoneElse ♦

When you make some changes they are identified by a changeset. You can see the list of edits (changesets) in your personal page by looking at the My Edits section. If you find the changeset you want to reverse reply here with its number and someone can see if it is possible. A recent edit is usually easy to reverse, but older ones can be harder if someone else has also changed that area.

The individual process is best not discussed here, you can ask for help on the mailing lists or on IRC

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answered 18 Mar '12, 13:16

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