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I have added a (being a novice) a dive spot. Tried to do my best but that category doesn't exist. Neither the icon. I have found something with thorough descrption here However, I don't know how to actually use that information. Do those things have to be comfirmed? How can I get the scuba icon to work? Am I doing it the wrong way?


asked 17 Mar '12, 15:22

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Running Wolf
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I don't think you're doing it wrong, and no confirmation is needed. :)

According to the wiki-page you provided, OpenSeaMap renders this. Mapnik (That is the "main" renderer you see at doesn't render this feature (as with most sports), neither is Potlatch, you will only get a green node.

If you want to, you can take look at the diving spots from the above link in edit mode, if you're still uncertain.

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answered 17 Mar '12, 16:41

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Ahhhh, this I didn't know. Why is that? OpenSeaMap doesn't show a lot of the either. And I mostly dive from land. Pretty much anything, even poles and disposal containers are listed, why no sports?

(17 Mar '12, 17:03) Running Wolf

Mapnik isn't there to show all features. Also it doesn't render Historic sites, Mountain Bike stuff, majority of Shops, Hiking or Biking routes or, my interest, Cross Country Skiing tracks and loads of special stuff. I think they want to avoid clutter the (already quite cluttered) map and concentrate on terrain, infrastructure and POIs that is useful for everyone. is a map that only render Snowmobile Routes in Sweden. If you care about something you can do someting about it.

But I can really see how a newcomer can get confused when their addition doesn't show up.

(17 Mar '12, 19:26) TheOddOne2

Thanks a lot. As I understand, I'd need to learn a lot before I can compile a map on my own. Perhaps I'm better up doing that in POI style (which most likely won't work for routes). I guess, that's a lot easier. I'll have a look att that.

(18 Mar '12, 10:14) Running Wolf

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