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Hi everyone..! I'm a newbie here. I want to create my own map (using josm & eclipse(java)) for example : map of a wide hospital area then, i want to access/display that map from my android phone, thus, i can locate my current position (using GPS) in that area when I am currently there. Is that possible ?? Anyone would you mind helping me to make it possible ?

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asked 16 Mar '12, 03:13

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I want to know, can you tell me how you did it

(21 Jun '17, 12:08) Nitesh141

Chances for answering after more than 5 years are pretty low...

(21 Jun '17, 12:56) scai ♦

Your question is far to complex to anyone to answer without doing most of the work. ;)

Also it, in my view, isn't really related to OSM.

You could use JOSM to do the map, save it as an OSM-file, use any of these tools to convert it to a file of your choice, find a library to display it on android etc.

But I fail to see the point, you can simply paint the map in Inkscape (or equal), save it as PNG (or SVG if it's huge) and display that, calibrated to the GPS.

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answered 16 Mar '12, 17:47

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Thanks for your reply... If I convert it to PNG,can I know the cordinat point (latitude/langtitude) of certain place? is it possible for me to find the shortest path to that place if I have been in that area?

(19 Mar '12, 09:57) ltvie

No! If you only use PNG files (that means bitmap graphics) you do not have any information about the coordinates of any object. Have a look at OsmAnd (opensource app) and its vector based maps. It even has offline routing for car, bike or foot.

(22 Mar '12, 19:57) stephan75

Have a look for example at the Android wiki page and try all apps that can come near your aim.

when that app is opensource, you can develop to your own purposes.

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answered 17 Mar '12, 11:44

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