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I have a question about the location of old tramway cars:

In Tbilisi, a group of private people have saved an old tramway car from scrapping, it is now standing on a private property waiting restoration. How can I tag these?

It is not a museum, as there are no opening hours. Anyway, it is possible to visit them, as the area is not fenced in. And they are interesting landmarks and potential attractions for railway buffs.

I was thinking about historic = * But I don't know any further. But there are no tracks, so it is not qualified as a railway=preserved or abandoned.

Every input appreciated.

BTW, I was searching the tram car several times, and I am happy to finally found it and being able to take some photos. I want to save the hassle to fellow interested people :)

asked 15 Mar '12, 10:16

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moszkva ter
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Well, there is no clear tagging convention for such objects and I would suggest you to contact our mailing list dedicated to tagging discussions :
Anyway, you could check the possibility to use the tag "tourism=attraction" combined with a possible new "historic" tag e.g. "historic=tram" for the vehicle itself (until a museum is created or the vehicle is restored and runs again in which case I wouldn't tag the vehicle itself anymore but its touristic line).

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answered 15 Mar '12, 12:16

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would it be ok to tag it as historic=ruins? Well, it is some kind of ruin, unfortunately ;)

(15 Mar '12, 17:36) moszkva ter

Ruins are the remains of man-made architecture. Not something about vehicles, even if they look like ruins ;) And don't use innappropriate tags just to see an icon on the slippy map. That would be 'tagging for the renderer'. But why not "historic=tram" or "historic=tram_vehicle" or "historic=vehicle" + "tram=yes" ? Again, you should discuss on the tagging mailing list.

(15 Mar '12, 18:20) Pieren

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