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I am NOT a expert gps user, in fact am completely new to serious gps like Magellan, so there are many gaps in my understanding. Please bear with me.

I need topo maps for hiking in south korea. The Magellan topo maps for SK are very expensive, something like $400, so didn't buy that. I found that my android gps software can tap in to OpenCycleMap topo maps and I am amazed at the map quality! Thank you.

It would be ideal to get the opencyclemap maps onto my Magellan 610 Explorist. This unit has far superior battery life in comparison with my android cell phone. I know questions about getting osm onto garmin and magallan is a faq; but I looked in the wiki and found virtually nothing useful for magellan, at least for a novice user. The garmin page has more.

Can someone explain to a novice user how to get these maps onto a magellan? I am good with computers, just have nearly zilch exposure to gps. Magellan units seem to work with imi files; the garmin page references img files. Maybe the instructions on the garmin wiki page are fairly good references for importing to magellan too, but converting to imi instead of img?

I do not need routing.

I am curious also about osm vs opencyclemap. Where does the extra topo info come from on opencyclemap? At least when I browse using a pc and a regular browser, the osm maps don't show topo. Maybe the topo data is there but not 'on' by default?

Since what I really need is the topo info, I am not sure if I'd import from openstreetmap or from opencyclemap? The opencyclemap website does not seem to have a forum; I am hoping that this is the normal venue to ask about it?

I'm rather amazed that these maps could be put together as an open source project. I'll have to read more about how folks contribute.

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Magellan certainly doesn't have anything like the after-market maps support that Garmin does. The last time I looked there wasn't any easy way of getting "user" maps onto Magellan devices, but now this page suggests this as a possible option.

It a bit vague though - it says "The underlying data has its origin only in license free sources as e.g. the Openstreetmap Project or converted, free Garmin maps." but doesn't say how up to date the data is and exactly what level of detail is converted. See also here (which seems to be a forum run by the same bloke).

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Oh, I'd not realized that Maps 4 Me has downloadable maps even though I'd read that wiki page. I will experiment and report what the result is. Thanks for the pointer!

(11 Mar '12, 00:54) hillstomper

The height information (or what you call "topo") comes from a separate data source, the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission. It's provided as open, public domain data for anyone to use as they wish. Several OSM-based maps also use this, including OpenCycleMap.

Because a good source of height data exists, OSM mappers do not typically collect this data themselves.

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answered 11 Mar '12, 17:25

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Calling SRTM good is an overstatement, it's hard to get better data for free, that doesn't make it "good".. :-)

(15 Mar '12, 09:19) emj
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