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I've done a little mapping and I remember reading the documentation that we should not use google maps, bing maps, etc. for determining street names due to copyright issues. I'm wondering if that applies to MapQuest now that they have an OSM interface (http://open.mapquest.com/)? It seems they wouldn't mind if they're trying to eventually migrate to OSM. Does anyone have any information on that?

As another alternative what about government records? Often the counties where I live have GIS applications online. It seems that if it's a freely available product of the government that shouldn't be a problem.

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You may not use data from the non-"open" MapQuest site as that is licensed from other parties - it isn't MapQuest's to give away.

It is also dangerous to assume that just because your government makes something available for free on a web site you can use that as a source for OSM. Always read the fine print, and unless there is a licensing page that explicitly puts the data in the "public domain" or under a "CC-BY" license, or has other wording allowing free use, then do not use it. When in doubt, send them an email and ask if you can use their information in OpenStreetMap.

Note, specifically, that any data released "for private and noncommerical use" is not suitable for OpenStreetMap, as OpenStreetMap consumers are not generally noncommerical.

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open.mapquest.com and mapquest.com are not just different interfaces - they are fundamentally different sets of data. If you see a street name on an open.mapquest.com map it's come from OSM, so you wouldn't need it to add it to OSM - it's already there!

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answered 09 Mar '12, 22:39

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I was wondering if I could use mapquest.com in order to update/edit the maps in OSM. I didn't realize that MapQuest doesn't own the maps they use, I thought they would be cool with using their product to update the OSM interface but it sounds like that's not the case.

(09 Mar '12, 22:52) cooleric1234
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