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The following commercial product: http://m2m-t.ru/cyberfleet/ uses Openstreetmap maps. Does it violate the license?

asked 07 Mar '12, 08:14

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Can you explain in what way this product uses OpenStreetMap maps?

(07 Mar '12, 08:18) Frederik Ramm ♦

This product collects data from multiple GPS/GLONASS receivers installed in vehicles, transmits the data via GSM to the server and shows the location of the vehicles on the map on the dispatcher's PC. The map is based on OpenStreetMap.

(07 Mar '12, 08:54) vas

Since I cannot read Russian, it is diffult to answer myself. But check if they comply with the license requirements as specified here :http://www.openstreetmap.org/copyright (especially if they mention somewhere that the map data is coming from OSM (credits))

(07 Mar '12, 09:10) Pieren

Sorry I cannot read legalese therefore I asked the question. Yes, they do display the Openstreetmap logo on the map. However the product itself if commercial and closed-source.

(07 Mar '12, 09:13) vas

The current license cc-by-sa2.0 allows commercial reuse. If they credit OSM, that's fine. Check also the legal-FAQ on the wiki: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Legal_FAQ

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answered 07 Mar '12, 10:06

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