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Hi, I added a bigger parking area in front of a skyscraper. The parking area is private and only for the people living in the skyscraper (no building on the area). According to OSM ( and other discussions, parking areas should not be tagged with amenity=parking since these areas are marked with a "P". So if you are searching for a parking place on a map, you can not see, that some of them are just private. I thought, tagging a private parkingplace with amenity=parking and access=private would avoid having the "P" but thats wrong as I figured out. Using landuse=garages or building=garages is also wrong since there is no building (garage) on that area. What do do? Thanks for help Chynte

asked 03 Mar '12, 20:46

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It's worth mentioning perhaps that as Harry Wood notes below the amenity=parking page has been edited many times since this question was asked...

(04 Oct '12, 16:13) SomeoneElse ♦


amenity=parking + access=private on the whole area is the right way to go. It is up to the renderer/navigation to decide what to display and how. Mapnik, for example, displays the private parking areas in fainter colour.
The map can be used by the people who are in that private group. Imagine hotel guests who are coming to a (unknown) hotel, they can benefit from having the parking lot on the map even if it is not accessible for general public...

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answered 03 Mar '12, 21:40

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OK, thanks for the fast and friendly answer. Should'nt that answer be part of "" ?

(04 Mar '12, 11:56) Chynte

It should be and it is :-)

(04 Mar '12, 20:41) Harry Wood

I'm thinking of starting to use landuse=car_parking, I think access=private on amenity=parking muddles the water. Usually over here it's not really private but "pre-rented", so it's really public space that just isn't available for parking.

I do understand that most people are using access=private, but it just feels wrong.

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answered 05 Mar '12, 09:14

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If only people can park there, who rented a space, then it is indeed access=private.

If only a part of the parking lot is rented, you might consider splitting it into two polygons with the respective access restrictions.

If the parking lot is mixed - ie some spaces rented, some spaces free, imho the whole parking lot is access=yes (or whatever), unless you feel like tagging single parking spaces: Sounds like a hell of a work for little benefit (although might make sense for dispersed spaces for disabled people)

(06 Mar '12, 07:37) moszkva ter

Perhaps a tangent to the original question, but I don't understand why private parking lots should be mapped at all. If only building residents can park there, then why list it on a public map? That would be like going through suburbia tagging every driveway as a private parking area.

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answered 04 Oct '12, 14:49

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There are at least two answer to that, I think:

a) Because we can.

b) It's sometimes useful to know that a particular parking area can't be used. For example, anyone planning to walk along part of the Pennine Way west of Keighley might notice a parking area here as they drove past and think that they might be able to park there. However, if they look at the map they'll see that (1) yes it exists but (2) it's private. If it wasn't on the map they wouldn't know whether it was private or just hadn't been mapped yet.

(04 Oct '12, 16:09) SomeoneElse ♦

amenity=parking is rendered with an opaque blue P, indicating this is a (publicly usable) parking area. amenity=parking + access=private is rendered with a blurred blue P, indicating this is a parking area for private use.

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answered 05 Oct '12, 03:59

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