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There is a message saying the server ( is 'retired' - is this permanent?

asked 01 Mar '12, 22:35

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Frederik Ramm ♦

The tiles@home server is retired because (quoting message from Sebastian Spaeth on the dev mailing-list):
"the central ETH (Zürich) IT took an issue with the constant large bandwidth that the t at h server uses. In addition the server is four years old and getting old and senile..."

Read the complete message in archives:

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answered 02 Mar '12, 00:03

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The tiles@home server is retired because it was not used enough to be worth it. If there are enough users that want it back they can set up a new instance of the server. If not then it is retired for good.

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answered 01 Mar '12, 23:18

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Another reason is that the original advantage of TAH's architechture has progressively disapeared : mapnik has goten so fast that a single (beefy) server can handle the load, and the TAH configuration has become as complicated as most other solutions.

(01 Mar '12, 23:46) Vincent de P... ♦

A damn shame, I always used osmarender when contributing. It's important to check different layer to see how the map renders.

You'll be sadly missed

(10 Mar '12, 20:14) Meersbrook

Osmarender was really good for displaying alpine ski pistes. I will miss this service :-(

(11 Mar '12, 10:20) gerdami

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