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Hello, Does anyone has a sample of how to use OpenStreetMap on a website?


asked 29 Feb '12, 12:48

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Can you be more specific about how you would like to use OpenStreetMap on your website. Do you mean deploying your own slippy map? ( ) <-- See example there. Many will work using plain HTML and javascript which might be used outside of any ASP logic, so what do you want ASP logic to do? Loading marker locations from a database? Be more specific

(29 Feb '12, 14:52) Harry Wood

What I wanted to see is to add markers to my map and load data from my DB. I've implemented it twith Google maps and with Bing Maps but I haven't found any help to implement this with OpenStreetMap. As I browse the internet I think I found something with Silverlight but I would prefer not to use it. I took a short look to the page you mentioned but this use Javascript. which isn't very easy to handle for what I want ...

(29 Feb '12, 18:12) LouisGi

I do not have a sample, but if you already have Google maps running, this might help:

(29 Feb '12, 19:40) LM_1

OK "add markers to my map and load data from my DB". Now you say you've implemented it with google maps and with bing maps... and you imply that you've done this "without using javascript". Are you sure your existing solution doesn't use javascript? Is it using google maps static image API? ActionScript flash API?

(01 Mar '12, 16:30) Harry Wood

Yes Harry, There are some controls to implemented it without the use of javascript (I used for example Microsoft.Live.ServerControls.VE.dll for Bing maps). I'm not writing here to make any impressions I just want to see how this can implemented. My knowledge of Javascript is very basic. If you have an example of that, it is more than welcome because I think I can make it happen!

(01 Mar '12, 17:07) LouisGi

If you want a really simple Javascript example I'd have a look here - about 12 lines in total.

(01 Mar '12, 18:49) SomeoneElse ♦
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