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I'm looking to use OSM data as the basis for a series of prints. The data will be stylized into a more artistic representation of the data. I see the license allows me to sell these prints but do I need to offer the final artwork under the CC BY-SA license as well or will I satisfy the terms of the license by simply stating the required copyright statement from the page below on the website through which I will be selling the prints?:


Follow up question: if I need to offer the final artwork under the CC BY-SA license, does this need to be reflected on each print or does mentioning it on the website along my other sources satisfy the conditions of the license?

asked 28 Feb '12, 23:06

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You will have to offer the final artwork under the CC-BY-SA license, and you have to make sure that each recipient of the print is suitably informed of that. This could be by actually embedding the license information on the print, but e.g. printing that license information on a leaflet and packaging that with the print would also be sufficient. Read the section on "derivative works" in the CC-By-SA license text for details.

Note that OSM is changing its license to something that might be more favourable to the kind of work you are planning; under the future ODbL, you can publish your print under a non-free license provided that you, on request, make available the derived data that is behind the print.

The license change is planned for 1st April.

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answered 29 Feb '12, 08:08

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Thanks for the help, Frederik. Each print comes with a receipt, on which I will be able to include the license information. I'll use that method to inform my customers. This will also be shown on the site right before purchasing as well so it's just about everywhere. Thanks for letting me know the timeline of the license change too.

(29 Feb '12, 11:16) rougeux
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