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Around here we have some roads that should not be routed during certain months They are called 'Seasonal Use'. The months for the particular road are posted on signs at the ends of the section in question. Usually it is something like December to April. You can still drive on it during those months at your own risk -- no snow removal, sanding, salting or repair is performed. They can make for quite exciting travel.

The tiger data doesn't call out this feature, so as I locate the roads, I've been tagging them as follows:

surface= (most are gravel or dirt, some are paved.)

lanes=1 (there are some rare 2 lane seasonal roads)
description=Seasonal use. This section is not plowed in winter.(Dec - Apr)

My worry is when you use the highway=track it switches to the pedestrian paved track presets, and I want to know if that would prevent vehicle travel from being routed over the way ever. Also is there a better/standard way to define the blockout months? None of the seasonal use roads that I have found in this area require special use vehicles (eg 4x4) when they are open.

A sample can be found at

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For a question which only is about the seasonal access restriction see how-to-set-a-month-access-restriction-for-a-road.

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you can use tracktype with non-track highways and some of the routing engines will take the hint. track is more of a european style usage, intended for unnamed, unpaved roads. the idea of named, public, unpaved roads is a little unusual by euro standard. i would normally use something like

highway=unclassified tracktype=3 surface=gravel date on=05-01 date off=11-01

for a road which is unmaintained november-to-may (which is a common case here in upstate NY).

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On seasonal roads you can put date_on=MM-DD and date_off=MM-DD.

tracktype= provides classification on tracks and tells something about the type of vehicle you would put on the road. If it is not legal to drive anything other then terrain vehicles you can put 4wd_only=yes on the road.

Otherwise you might want to take a look at the wiki for more access tags.

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