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There is a small ski slope in my area, with one name, two lifts, and four different slopes branching out at the top of the slope, with patches of forest between them. How should this be mapped and tagged properly? The ski lifts and the the patches of forest have already been mapped, but there's nothing in the map to say what this area as a whole is called or what it is used for.

Here's the area: (The highest altitude is to the south)

asked 22 Feb '12, 14:47

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You basically need a line from the top station to the lower station tagged piste:type=downhill (+ difficulty, name, reference...)

See this and if you like more practical examples, see this

PS: There is a lot of blue colour around the location you posted in Osmarender, maybe some error in water mapping.

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answered 22 Feb '12, 15:00

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Thanks, that helps a lot! I didn't know about the piste tag and all the sub-tags.

I'm still not sure how to mark the area as a whole. I think there should be some sort of landuse tag, to say that the area delimited by this polygon is used for downhill skiing and has a certain name. And if there is an (approved) way of doing that, I wonder what to do with the patches of forest - should I somehow put the ski slope area at a lower level than the forest, should I somehow exclude the forest patches from the ski slope area (I don't know how to), or should I just forget about mapping the forest?

(22 Feb '12, 15:19) fredrikr

About the water: Wow, that looks ugly. I live on an island in a big lake. It looks fine in Mapnik, although some of smaller islands nearby aren't rendered at all, except for their names (like this one: ). I don't know a thing about water mapping, so I wouldn't know how to fix it.

(22 Feb '12, 15:19) fredrikr

You can certainly map that area around the forests as whatever it is during summer (meadow?). You would do that as a multipolygon with those forest patches outlines as inner boundary.

I have seen the slopes mapped as areas (multipolygons in this case). It does not look very good rendered, but is more accurate than a mere line.
For the whole area landuse=winter_sports is proposed (see )

(22 Feb '12, 20:07) LM_1

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