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I'm fairly new to OSM editing so I'm asking this question to make sure I'm not mucking anything up. I've been using JOSM to edit the maps around my locality, but one thing I've noticed is that there are a LOT of validation errors about "Way terminates on area".

Basically I'd like to know how to rectify these, and how to prevent my own additions to the map(s) resulting in the same problem?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

asked 22 Feb '12, 13:15

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One thing that might be useful here would be a link to the area where you're seeing this. With that link, people may be able to advise whether JOSM's crying wolf, complaining correctly, or complaining about the wrong issue altogether.

(22 Feb '12, 13:57) SomeoneElse ♦

As a general rule, JOSM just tries to highlight things that might be a problem, and it is often fully ok to ignore them.

For example, a street terminating in a pedestrian area or a similar area is perfectly ok, as is a river terminating in a lake. What you should try and avoid is the connection of dissimilar object types - a footpath that leads up to the lake shore should perhaps not be connected to the lake. If you feel that JOSM is complaining too much, you can switch off certain checks via the preferences panel, or you can report it as a bug on

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answered 22 Feb '12, 13:25

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Ah right I see. The problem I've been having is that a lot of areas have been designated as 'Residential' by other users, but they are encapsulated between streets / ways. If you then try to connect a footpath (for example), to the street you end up getting this annoying error!

The only reason it concerned me is because I don't want footpaths essentially connecting to NOTHING, and effectively just being floating ways.

(22 Feb '12, 13:28) BinaryAxis

I have seen this at the junction of two highways but where the junction node is also shared by a residential or other landuse area. If it looks OK, I just ignore it (and hope someone fixes JOSM soon.)

(22 Feb '12, 14:11) srbrook

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