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Thanks for the comments from Pieren and stephan75,and Sorry for ambiguous question last time. Let me restate.

I am designing an android application under Java development. In my project, I want to to find out the shortest path by using OSM .

For more details, the flow of the project:

  1. The nodes in osm file are partitioned into different regions, says 6 regions. Also, pre-calculated shortest path index table is generated
  2. The server broadcasts the index table and partitioned osm
  3. The user tells the andriod application what the starting point and destination are. The application downloads the related regions from the servre(accoding to index table)
  4. From the related regions, the andriod application shows the ways in the map to the user.

Question 1: Is it possible that the andriod application can show the map based on the information from related regions?

Question 2: Is there any problem if I add "region" into a node ? For example, I use map data form CloudMade downloads site, and add region 1 into the last part such as< node id="274899" version="3" timestamp="2009-10-05T01:41:32Z" ...... region="1" / >

Comments are welcomed ! Many thanks !!

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please only ask one question in one "question" entry here on this site. This helps to make it more clear (already from the title) and, most importantly, more helpful for other people with the same question in the future.

(17 Jan '15, 19:35) aseerel4c26 ♦

This is better, but still quite confusing. So here are a few comments, as opposed to proper answers:

  • You're free to modify the data downloaded from OSM any way you fancy, that's one of the pillars of OSM's openess. Anything you do on your side is fair game.
  • If on the other hand you want to modify data "upstream" in the main OSM database, you need to ask about that specifically, in map editing terms. Sounds like what you want is some kind of boundary ?
  • If you're writing both the server and mobile app, it's your choice how much is downloaded preemptively or dynamicaly. Usual tradeoffs apply, "best" choice depends on your use case. The android app can do routing or rendering itself, provided it has the data (regardless of how it got the data).
  • There are already quite a few software doing routing or rendering, both server-side and client-side. Maybe you should have a look at them first.
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