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I have made some changes to the street refs in south tyrol, some were erroneously labelled SS48 and switzerland's 28, while being 48. I changed them, but on zoom level 11 the old street labels are still there, instead of being SS41 (as in the higher zoom levels). The tile in question is, while shows the correct labels, but in the browser the a tile is never selected (thus delivering always the old image), even though says the tile was last rendered today (Oct 8th).

asked 08 Oct '10, 12:34

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Alexander Ro...
accept rate: 0% are just server for tiles, so when cache (or chached) will be updated you can see good render.

Maybe problem is on your local browser cache, I see SS41 on two tiles.

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answered 08 Oct '10, 12:42

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I now see it on both a.tile and b.tile, but had the problem for over a week, on two different computers, and almost surely can rule out the browser cache.

At least now it doesn't show up wrong anymore.

(08 Oct '10, 12:50) Alexander Ro...

The reason there are three separate names is that it allows us to load tiles faster because web browsers have limits on the number of simultaneous connections they will open to a host. By using three different names we can persuade browsers to load three times as many tiles at once even if all the names actually point to the same machine.

There is a fixed algorithm used for working out which name to use for each tile, which is why a given tile always comes from the same machine - this ensures that any caching is not defeated by the name of the server changing.

Normally all three names point at the same machine, but right now some of them point at an experimental proxy cache which sits in front of the main tile server - that likely explains the effect you are seeing. In the near future it is likely that all the names will start going via the cache.

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answered 12 Oct '10, 23:45

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