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I am going to China for 3 weeks, Shanghai, Suzhou, Beijing, and Xi'an. I'd love to find downloadable maps for those cities and other areas. Are they available? I am totally new to OpenStreetMaps and downloading maps so any help I could get is great.

Thanks. Steve

asked 15 Feb '12, 17:33

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Generally you can download raw OSM data for any place or region you want. But to use it in a certain navigation app, this raw data has to be converted in an appropriate format.

If you obly have the choice to use the navfree app, and the guys of navfree do not offer map data for your needed region, and you do not have the possibility to create your ofn map files for navfree, then that is bad luck for you.

If you can use other apps like Navit or Osmand (to name but a few) then you can even create your own map data in their specual format.

Unfortunately you have not given any information what device you are using, so we cannot give you more hints.

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answered 18 Feb '12, 11:58

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Just to confirm, China is not on the list of regions for which Navfree maps are available. It is not currently possible to download data from OSM yourself and use it directly in Navfree.

(23 Oct '12, 23:56) SomeoneElse ♦

Navfree isn't offering china just at the moment "It is our intention to increase the number of map regions available for download over time and hopefully your region will be covered in the future.". You could vote for china here

I've been playing with directU, which has an app covering china. it's an offline map app, with the data as part of the app download (big app download). Could be a good alternative for you

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answered 25 Oct '12, 03:08

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