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Dear friends I have created map for our college building as following

This map has building interiors .you can see by adding data overlay .

But due to limitations on zoom I cannot export the internal structure of the mapped building I want to use this map on android phones for indoor navigation .But how to export the higher zoomed levels from osm ? How to render this map on android smartphone ?

Thanks in advance

asked 13 Feb '12, 18:01

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If the building "transparent" enough for GPS the Oruxmaps app may work for you.It will zoom my small house and garden to high levels

(13 Feb '12, 21:12) andy mackey

What you could do is to download OSM data in Maperitive. The default zoom limit is 19, but you can set it to a different value by typing the following command:

set-setting name=map.max-zoom value=30

Then you can export the map in a higher zoom.

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answered 13 Feb '12, 19:14

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Looking at the building, I would probably be able to guess what most of the lines mean, but that is not something map data should rely on. Most of the lines seem untagged so it won't be visible on any rendered map - disregarding the zoom level.

For indoor mapping look at this proposal. It seems better than reinventing the wheel. You might get your building here. :)

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answered 13 Feb '12, 22:11

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Have a look at the special map service by ... it can display OSM data as vector graphic, and you can zoom in much more than on But be aware that this service might be some days behind to have recently edited OSM data.

For android devices there are some apps that can display OSM data also in vector form. I can recommend OsmAnd ... you can create your own recent vector maps if you need ... always try latest development version from

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answered 14 Feb '12, 16:25

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OSM data has no zoom levels, only renderers impose this. If you render your own images with one of the many tools (or even make a renderer of your own) you can display as much detail as you want. You can also render objects that the OSM site do not show.

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answered 13 Feb '12, 20:01

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Such a great project, in the indoor map projects default zoom is 19 you can change the zoom level by giving the command.

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answered 14 May '20, 07:34

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Smith Hennry
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