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I added a scout camp to the map just outside of Vancouver BC. When I looked after the edit was done the boundaries of the camp where present but all the roads and other features where no longer visible. At the time i figured i needed to wait for the new map render to go through and it would fix itself in a wile. Well i forgot about the edit and when i looked back at that region 2 weeks later there is still nothing but the camp showing up.

I looked at the area in Potlatch and it seems that all the road data has been erased but im not sure how. All i did was add a boundary and tag. So either i really screwed up or someone went in there and erased the entire area about the same time i was making my edit. I'm new to editing and i'm not sure how to undo my change or even if what i did was wrong. Can someone with a bit of experience take a look and figure out what happened.

Here is a link to the change i made and the area

And this edit was made just before i saved mine. It says 115 ways where deleted which may explain what happened to all the roads.

asked 11 Feb '12, 21:56

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At about the same time as your edit was done another set of edits was done deleting roads imported into the area by someone who has declined the new Contributor Terms. This has resulted in the map of the Sunshine Coast being very empty.

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answered 11 Feb '12, 22:24

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Thanks for the quick response I understand what happend now.

(11 Feb '12, 22:31) Exiton

Why oh why would somebody delete non-odbl data instead of fixing/recreating it ? The deletion will happen "automatically" once the deadline is reached, so any early deletion does more harm than good, because we lose the information that "there are some useful features over there that need to be maped".

Unless the deletion was made by a grumpy odbl-refusing contributor who was afraid his work would be copy-pasted instead of recreated (and has to register an odbl-accepting account for the occasion :p) ?

(13 Feb '12, 11:06) Vincent de P... ♦

I think that "Camp Byng" is OK now - if you look here it seems to show up. It's nothing that you have done wrong, as various bits of pre-licence-switchover cleanup are being done in that area, and it looks like that might be what you're seeing. For example here is a road in that area that was imported from a source that's not compatible with the ODBL licence, and then removed. If you regularly visit the area, it would help to add what features you can from ground survey.

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answered 11 Feb '12, 22:27

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Ah ok i understand. A bunch of data was origionaly imported into the area but it doesn confirm to the licence so it was deleted. Just a coincidence it happend around the same time i made my edit.

Thanks for the reply.

(11 Feb '12, 22:31) Exiton

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