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I am a non technical user and want to convert OSM to KML, How do I do it.

asked 09 Feb '12, 08:47

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After a quick search, the tool OSMLib seems to do that, but isn't appropriate for a "non technical user". So, I've remembered about an OpenLayers example, and I've used it for producing what you want:

I hope that the produced results isn't wrong, and it will help you.

Edit: Ok, you can also find online interface for gpslabel like this one at

permanent link

answered 09 Feb '12, 10:48

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Thanks a ton Nicolas, but unfortunately i am doing something really dumb. I was mapping the garbage Bins in my neighbourhood and wanted to share it as a KML with other non technical users, this thing did show some placemarks but thats not what is intended.

I want to show some icon (instead of the pin) and some information , I can upload a OSM file I exported from OSM. Is there a way to attach a osm file to this post, or can i email it

(09 Feb '12, 10:55) parivartan

If you create a kml with your points, you can use a custom icon in the kml file by specifying it in the style block:

(09 Feb '12, 14:37) neuhausr

This doesn't seem to be working nowadays. I just pasted a simple osm way XML on it, and nothing seems to happen. Opening up JavaScript console gives the following error: TypeError: node is undefined.

(12 Oct '14, 23:44) Nighto

Is it something like this map that you want ? I mainly followed the instructions of [this blog](] of Mappa Mercia

(13 Oct '14, 04:21) escada

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