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After a cycling tour through north-western Russia, I've submitted a couple of changesets.

Mapnik map tiles on zoom levels >=12 (here's an example) almost instantly reflect the updated data. However, even one or two weeks after the uploads, map tiles on zoom levels < 12 (here's an example) aren't updated yet.


How can I explicitly trigger a repaint for a specific mapnik tile?

How can I explicitly trigger a repaint for all tiles on all zoom levels in a specific bounding box?

asked 07 Oct '10, 11:17

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And for those that are as ignorant as I seem to have been for a few weeks (pondering how to get the URL of a specific tile -- so I can append these /status /dirty additions to them): You can get the URL e.g. directly from your browser (and depending on your browser) with right-clicking a spot on the map and selecting "Open image in new tab" or "Copy image URL".

If you get a c.* in the beginning of the URL that seems to imply to a cached(?) version of the tile and removing that c. from the beginning may show you an already re-rendered tile (my example from few minutes ago: ). I have no idea if that's browser or server cache -- or something else.

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answered 02 Jun '11, 15:34

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Hi jaakkoh - the "c.tileserver" is not a cached version of the server, but should be an alias that points to the same tile server as plain old "tileserver" would. There are limits on simultaneous connections between a single browser and a single dns address which can limit the throughput of tiles. So... people get around this by setting up multiple dns names for the same server and enable more parallel http connections. I think.

(10 Aug '13, 18:22) jeffmeyer

The answer is here

If you want to make a tile render before the seven day expiry then you can mark it as dirty by appending /dirty:

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answered 15 Feb '11, 15:57

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Mapnik tryes not to rerender tiles unless needed. If the tiles has not rerendered in 2 weeks the changes is probably not enough to trigger a rerender.

If you want to get more information on a tile you can append /info /status to the end of the url. You might also force a rerender by appending /dirty at the end of the url, but overuse might overload the tile server.

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answered 07 Oct '10, 13:15

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Is there a difference between this method and hitting 'r' at z=12 in I use the latter, and it works, but I am worried that it cause more tiles to be rerendered than I absolutely need.

(18 Apr '11, 19:02) ponzu

Hitting 'r' at causes Tiles@Home to rerender, not the mapnik map. It's an entirely different map.

(20 Apr '11, 21:37) Lennard

I've been reading through this, now old, question as I had the same question. One update for @Lennard: now seems to use the mapnik map, and not the (now discontinued) Tiles@Home map.

(13 Jan '17, 08:46) keithonearth

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