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How to put different maps on Dakota 20? I downloaded three different routable OSM-maps (gmapsupp.img) of three different countries. I renamed them and cpied them to the Dakota 20 on a SD-card. When I open Dakota 20, it sees the three maps at one place that I can open to use. I would like to see three different maps to open. In one country I use one map. Who can help me?

asked 08 Feb '12, 10:49

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Name your files so that they end up in .img, for example

Once you have that, if your dakota's firmware is recent enough, you should be able to switch between maps by going into
setup -> map -> select map

If your device only shows zero/one map there, maybe it is because you have an old firmware that only handles one gmapsupp at a time. Go to the garming website and follow instructions to update your firmware.

See also the wiki of course.

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answered 08 Feb '12, 11:38

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Dear Vincent, Thank you, but it doesn't work. It is an updated new Dakota 20

(08 Feb '12, 11:53) Phylos

Nearly 1.5 years later (and maybe too late for Pylos) I had a similar problem (with my Dakota 20, newest firmware): multiple gmapsupp-files on my sd-card, but about 50% of them worked (could be selected). After I read the notice in the wiki about changing the name I gave it a try and it worked :-)

So you can use multiple maps with the Dakota 20, but only if they have unique names...

(04 Aug '13, 12:54) daniel

Thanks Daniel,

It didn't works with a large map. Now I split a large map in two pieces. And I followed a solution in Dutch. This works very well (see


(05 Aug '13, 16:25) Phylos

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