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The Schönwieshütte in Obergurgl, Austria, is shown in two places. A closed way (way 92335833, at N46.84755° E11.01670°) shows the outline of a building, in the position where I found the hut last week. A node named Schönwieshütte (node 476907198, at N46.84820°, E11.01563°) is about 100m away, but contains a wealth of additional information that should not be lost. Can anyone advise me of tbe best way to resolve this inconsistency, bearing in mind that I am still a beginner and haven't mastered JOSM yet?

asked 05 Feb '12, 16:03

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There's a better, easier, faster way than Vclaw's answer as of recently, thanks to the utilsplugin2 plugin for JOSM.

Download and start JOSM from here, then:

  1. Install the utilsplugins2 plugin and restart JOSM (help)
  2. Download the area which has the two objects (help)
  3. Select both the node and the way using Shift+Click (help)
  4. Go to the More tools menu, and select Replace Geometry ((help)
  5. If both objects have tags, a dialog will appear so you can check and merge the differences (no help yet))

The way Vclaw describes is how I used to do this, but I've recently added functionality to the utilsplugin2 to do this all in one step, with the addition of resolving tag conflicts and preserving history. Note that Replace Geometry can also replace or upgrade a node to a multipolygon.

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answered 05 Feb '12, 19:42

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  1. Select the node for the building
  2. Go to the Edit menu, and select Copy (or press Ctrl + C)
  3. Select the way for the building outline
  4. Go to the Edit menu, and select Paste Tags (or Ctrl + Shift + V)
  5. You can then check all of the tags are correct, and delete the node
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answered 05 Feb '12, 16:38

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Thanks. The method that you described copied the tags from the isolated node to the building outline. However, I notice that the node is a member of a network, whereas the building outline is not. As I am not really sure what that means, I am reluctant to delete the original node, even though it is not quite in the right place. Further advice would be appreciated.

(05 Feb '12, 23:18) Madryn

It should be safe to transfer the relation membership from the node to the way. I need to modify the utilsplugin2 to allow replacing geometry with nodes that have relation memberships.

(06 Feb '12, 02:32) JoshD

I just updated the Replace Geometry so it can now work in this situation. I tested it with the node and way you mentioned, and it seems to work well. I didn't upload the change as I thought you might want to do it. It might take a few hours to be available, but try updating plugins tomorrow and it should work.

(06 Feb '12, 03:25) JoshD

Thanks again. It seems to have done what was wanted.

(08 Feb '12, 22:39) Madryn

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