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Is there a possibility to download a complete highres map from a country? I want to do an experiment where I need a highres map from the Netherlands.

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asked 02 Feb '12, 09:30

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You can "download" tiles of your area and build a big map with this tool, or build your own map with a renderer like mapnik or Maperitive. For more details, read similar questions: 3494, 4376.

What does mean "highres map" for you?

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answered 02 Feb '12, 11:18

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Thanks for your support. Openstreetmap is very new for me, but I already love it. :)

Yesterday evening I installed Maperitive and this does the trick.

This weekend I'm planning to genererate maps from specific locations. I want to have print quality from special parts. My first solution was generating a complete map and cut the specific parts out of it. But with this application I can generate the specific parts that I want to.

Thanks for your support,


(03 Feb '12, 08:03) SebastiaanBo...

You're welcome. Maybe, you can mark your question as solved. And, just for your information, you can reply to answer directly by clicking on the grey button "add new comment" under the answer. This is better for the readability (answer order can change) ;-)

Enjoy with OSM data!

(03 Feb '12, 08:32) NicolasDumoulin

Thank you for your help. I'm now going to mark it as solved. I hope other people can use this info also.

(03 Feb '12, 08:36) SebastiaanBo...

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