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I have a shapefile with Georgia's admin boundaries (districts, regions and so on). It is Open Source.

How can I add it to the database the easy way? I transformed some boundaries to ways in merkaator, uploaded them, then made changes in podlatch2 (admin_level, adding multipolygons and so on). But after some time, I cannot "load the map" anymore. That makes editing very cumbersome.

I have now several unfinished multipolygons and it is quite annoying.

Maybe someone can help me to import the ways, and then I will edit them myself? Or any other suggestions what to do?

asked 29 Jan '12, 12:00

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moszkva ter
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Actually, now I use Merkaator. I follow the border sections manually, the programme is snapping me to the shapefile's nodes, so editing is a breeze. There, I am also adding all attributes to the relations.

After it, I am manually editing and checking the intersections in Podlatch2, and add the relations to already existing borders (i.e. international borders).

Then I use this site to check if I did not make any mistakes:

after some practice, it goes quite fast. Automatic import with cleanup afterwards would take approximately the same time, I guess...

So, check out Georgia and wait for admin_level 4 and 6 to be rendered ;)

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answered 30 Jan '12, 20:16

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moszkva ter
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Imports should be done with special accounts (one account per import). Usually a script is created to import the data.

Since you do it manually the problem with loading map (if you work in Potlatch as you mentioned) is probably that you downloaded too much data. You have to wait some time before you are allowed to download more or access the API from a different IP address.
If your data is accurate and you will manually edit it later you can upload them without downloading the whole area and then download only the important places to connect them to existing boundaries or to remove any duplicated data or other problems. For editing of relations and other more complicated features I recommend using JOSM with relation toolbox plugin. It makes your life a lot easier.

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answered 29 Jan '12, 14:08

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... and have a detailed look at and all sub pages.

(30 Jan '12, 18:08) stephan75

Thanks for the answer and the tip! I am so free to answer my own question. Not because I want to show how great I am ;) But it might be helpful for other users who face the same deed.

(30 Jan '12, 20:15) moszkva ter

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