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How can one add more details to a marketplace? The tag amenity=marketplace does not say anything about the things one can buy there. I would like to add information for someone who e.g. "wants to buy meat", which cannot be accomplished on every marketplace. The Wiki does not give any info on further defining them.

is it ok to use it in combination with shop=*? Then one can even add different sections of markets (like greengrocer, butcher, clothes, car parts etc.) and group them with a site relation to one big market.

e.g. amenity=marketplace shop=butcher name=Khortsis Bazroba (=meat market)

Here in Georgia, there are many markets selling all kinds of things, and they are an important place for people buying their everyday things and more.

asked 27 Jan '12, 15:04

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moszkva ter
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Are those marketplaces permanent ?

(27 Jan '12, 15:30) Pieren

They are permanent, always there, selling the same category of goods. The occupancy of stalls and products offered may vary a little by weather and season, but the markets are operating daily, even on sundays. No "once a month markets".

(27 Jan '12, 16:24) moszkva ter

I wouldn't use shop=butcher, for if you use this, you can't use it for other values like vegetables on the same place.
I'd go with shop:butcher=yes (or maybe butcher=yes).

permanent link

answered 28 Jan '12, 12:11

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I would not tag mixed markets with shop=* but would it be ok, for example, to tag a meat market with shop=butcher?

Most markets here are more or less specialized, or at least organized in a way, that it would be easy to seperate the different sections.

(28 Jan '12, 13:45) moszkva ter

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