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hi everyone,

I'm developing a website for street art documentary in which communities from any part of the globe could subscribe a picture, upload it to the site then tag the location either by typing the address/select on the map/from GPS features on mobile phone. I'm wondering is OSM coul allow such features on my website and how could I activate such features. I'm currently using OSM pluggin for Wordpress. I would very much appreciate if anyone could help. Thanks.

asked 27 Jan '12, 12:24

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The only restrictions OSM have in the license is that you attribute OSM for the map and that you republish any derived data as CC-BY-SA. Since you allow your users to pick a point on the map it is derived data and you have to publish the locations of those features under CC-BY-SA.

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answered 27 Jan '12, 13:23

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Yes, I'm aware of the license, and I'm using it for the website myself. I'm also would be glad if the mural/graffiti/street arts location that we found would be published on OSM. What I don't know is, how can I allow the user to pick the point on the map I embedded on my website? And how can I display the tag collections that we have gathered? The pluggin that I found only display the position I wanted to, but the user couldn't do nothing to it.

(28 Jan '12, 05:38) squaresolid

What you are looking for is the examples for OpenLayers

(28 Jan '12, 07:01) Gnonthgol ♦

thanks, i'll take a test of it on my website.

(28 Jan '12, 13:54) squaresolid

There are two quite different ways to do this:

  1. you keep your own database of interesting points, totally independent from OSM. At render time you use OSM data as a background and your POI database as an overlay.
  2. you start mapping streetart features directly in OSM database. tourism=artwork might be of interest, especially with artwork_type=street_art. This might be controversial, because street art is usually illegal and challenging because it is not very permanent. You would than display your own rendering of OSM data.

If you plan to map the bigger and more permanent artworks, I would recommend the second option. If you plan to document every signature of someone, the first option is more appropriate.

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answered 28 Jan '12, 19:45

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thanks for the advice. but wouldn't it be that the admin have to edit over and over again if someone posted something? i'm living in indonesia btw, where there's a lot of graffitis and murals all over the cities of java. the street arts most likely changed over times, but it would be good to know different locations of where they are. the website also meant to be as a documentary of the works that has been made in those positions.

(29 Jan '12, 18:21) squaresolid

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