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here we have an area with a daylight mine.

The last years I created some ways (tracks/paths) around and thru this area from gpx files, collected with my mountain bike. In the last 10 years there was some change in mining area. Now there is a user (Taunide) who was there more than 10 years ago with his horse. He was so kind to paint some streets into the OSM, as he guessed it from bing. Now many ways in this area are really bogus. He was bold enough to write me, if I know it better, I may adjust his painting.

How should I manage this?

asked 27 Jan '12, 10:18

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This is not vandalism, just someone who has made a mistake. It happens often that users believe they can still trust a 10-year-old GPS track or aerial image and completely overlook a recent development.

Since the user obviously is ok with his edits being corrected, if you believe that all changes of this user are wrong, you can identify the changeset in question and revert it altogether, or ask someone to help you doing that. Or else just delete the roads that are wrong.

Ideally, of course, the user should delete his own mess, but not everyone is capable of that. Hopefully, the user has learned from this incident not to blindly trust his old GPS tracks.

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answered 27 Jan '12, 10:24

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The user is reluctant. The joke is that he has no gps tracks, he is only painting... So how can I delete the changeset to get things right?

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answered 27 Jan '12, 11:13

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2 can help you revert the changeset, but make sure to RTFM. Ask for assitance if it looks too complicated.

And try again to convince the other mapper, if it is just a matter of up-to-date data it shouldn't be too hard, and it'll avoid any bad feelings.

(27 Jan '12, 11:46) Vincent de P... ♦

Thank you very much!

That's what he (Taunide) said:

"Is the eroded surface of the quarry became smaller by a heavenly miracle? No, it has become bigger, according to the satellite image... Maybe it's in the meantime become even bigger, then you're the "local" with the right to determine the precise... Hint: Do not make such a fuss but simply correct what other mappers have mapped and you think is not accurately or properly enough. You should not become insulting or abusive as like 99% of all OSM mappers do not."

So I have no choice - I try to revert the changeset 10476024 ...

(27 Jan '12, 14:32) ohmtroll

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