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I am doing a project and I wanted to use the Open Cycle Map information for a smallish (4 km x 4 km) area as the background map for hte project.

Does anyone know how to download the Open Cycle Map XML data? I am new to this and ralize that this may be a stupid question however I've spent a fair number of hours searching the web for how to do this. I have no problem downloading OSM data, so maybe a related question is does the OSM data have the OCM data in it? I assume it doesn't but if someone can tell me different, I would appreciate it.


asked 26 Jan '12, 17:04

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Note OpenCycleMap also has contour lines and hill shading. This is not from the OpenStreetMap data - it is from NASA SRTM data. You can download this SRTM data for free, then convert it to OSM XML format, then combine it with data from OpenStreetMap to produce a map. See the SRTM wiki page for details.

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answered 26 Jan '12, 18:59

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OpenCycleMap uses the same data as OpenStreetMap. The difference is the style of the map. The standard OpenStreetMap mapnik redering have a nice overall style. OpenCycleMap have a different style aimed at cyclists and displays features usful for cyclists more prominently. They both use the same data from OpenStreetMap.

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answered 26 Jan '12, 17:20

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Hi, thanks for both of your answers. However I am now a little confused. The first answer leads me to believe that the data I need is already in the Open Street Map xml files. The second answer leads me to believe that I need to combine an external database.

I will try to ask my question in a clearer way (hopefully).

I need road data, bike trail data and elevation data. From how I understand that road and trails are constructed, they are essentially an ordered set of GPS points with supplemental data indicating type of road, etc. Bike trails are the same. I do not know how elevation lines are stored but I assume they are similar to road and trails (please correct me if I am wrong).

So my question is this:

  1. Does Open Street Map contain the elevation data that Open Cycle Map uses? I assume 'no' from answer #2 above but please confirm so that I can start learning something about SRTM (sigh) without feeling like I am adding work for myself unnecessarily.
  2. Does Open Street Map contain the bike trail data that Open Cycle Map uses? I assume 'yes' from #1 above but if not, can you point me in the right direction. (Also if anyone knows what i should look for in the Open Street Map data to find the bike data it would be helpful, since I know nothing yet about OSM - but that is the sort of question I ought to be able to figure out myself.)


By the way, I am doing agent based modeling, so I need the data in order to allow the agents to navigate. This is a non-profit, unpaid project if that helps.

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answered 27 Jan '12, 08:57

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OSM does not contain elevation data except the height of some peaks.

OSM does contain trails, tracks, roads, footpaths and the like.

Andy, who created the cyclemap, made a lovely map by carefully selecting OSM data that is useful for cycling, rendering it with his own style which included overlaying the contour and hill shading from another source.

You can use OSM data for any purpose, commercial or not, paid-for or not. You just need to respect the licence:

Parts of the OSM data is available for download from

(27 Jan '12, 12:42) ChrisH

And no, OSM trails and roads are not 'essentially an ordered set of GPS points with supplemental data indicating type of road, etc'. GPS points are just used as a background for tracing OSM elements (essentially nodes and ways, see the 'Beginners Guide, But we use other sources like Bing aerial imagery.

(27 Jan '12, 15:28) Pieren

indeed OSM almost doesn't contain any altitude data; this issue was discuted a couple of times (see for instance ). There seems to be a consensus around the idea (which I disagree) that altitudes should be handled elsewhere. Personally I definitely consider altitude data should be allowed, and if possible added by default e. g. from SRTM) to "our" points. This opens for many more applications, but I've been teached, by people infinitely more active than myself here, that this is bad.

(01 Feb '12, 20:43) Herve5

@Pieren Actually they are. Every node has latitude and longitude - coordinates in Global Position System (=GPS) - that makes it a gps point. They are ordered in ways and can have additional data (tags).
GPS points do not have to be positions recorded by some GPS logger...

(02 Feb '12, 01:07) LM_1

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