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Hi: I am totally new to OSM and I would like to know which format I should use to download a section of a map so I can view it on my iMac without an internet connection.

could you direct me to where I can read about it.

Thank you, OldDreamer

asked 23 Jan '12, 15:28

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I recommand you to test marble. It is announced as available for mac, but I've only used on Gnu/Linux systems. It gives you a desktop applications that can display the OSM tiles, and put these tiles in cache, so you can then browse the map offline. There is a tool (in file menu) for downloading in cache a given area.

I'm using marble for demonstrating the OSM project result. Marble includes also interfaces with online routing service.

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answered 24 Jan '12, 08:51

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That would depend on the size of map you are interested in and what you want to do with it.

If it is small area and you just want to view it I reccomend you export to some image format (read here, try by clicking the "Export" tab on the main page).

If it is bigger or you want to do more you need some program and data for this program. Read here or here.

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answered 23 Jan '12, 17:45

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You can have a look at the OSM wiki page about Software and pick some programs that are available to Apple OS X and that can store that map data or map tiles offline on a harddisk or similar.

(Edited and replaced iOS ... thanks for downvoting ...)

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answered 24 Jan '12, 09:20

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iOS is not the Mac operating system, it's the iPhone/iPad operating system. The Mac operating system is OS X.

(24 Jan '12, 11:18) Richard ♦

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