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I live in Palestine, Hampshire, England, and the problem is that this is listed as Palestine in Wiltshire. If I edit the place "Palestine" on the map, it does not list the "Wiltshire" detail so maybe this detail is elsewhere, or I'm using the wrong editor! Can someone help me to make this correction please? (In US terms, Palestine is the town and Wiltshire/Hampshire is the county.)

asked 23 Jan '12, 10:02

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Checking at it seems that the nominatim search is using the proximity of the county place nodes rather than the administrative boundary relations. I don't think that nominatim is fully up to date at present, and it may be that the administrative boundaries weren't correctly closed at the time it has got up to (the link above says 7th December and the Hampshire relation was last amended on 10th December, with a "fix coastline" comment).

So I think the best solution is to wait. It is possible someone might suggest using the is_in:county tag on the Palestine village place node, but with well defined boundary relations this shouldn't be required, and wouldn't be noticed until nominatim catches up to date anyway, by which time it should know that the boundary relations are ok and use those in preference to the place nodes.

I think...

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answered 23 Jan '12, 10:27

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This is probably a problem caused by place nodes which causes the nominatim to assume that a place belongs to the nearest node. Polygons are really needed for all areas to fix this problem. Try searching these questions for "boundary" get more info. and these

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answered 23 Jan '12, 10:32

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As Ed says even when fixed there can be long delay for the nominatim to use the new data I suppose updating the map takes priority, as it should

(23 Jan '12, 10:42) andy mackey

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