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Hi, I have worked with maps mainly with google maps, but since change in terms after taking all our mapmaker data, I have decided to move my mapping projects with OSM.

I made some contributions on OSM but I now I have seen some contradictions in OSM for my country, so before starting to change data will like some advice.

Level 1 Our country is divided in departments (like states) but there no see to be a polygon with that data only a point with place:state. Is this the correct way to set or a boundary polygon should be added?

Level 2 are municipalities same as level 1.

Level 3 cities, in this case city limit is not well defined since can take all its municipality, the thing with cities is that are divided in Zones (Well delimited) (like suburbs or zipcodes areas) I see our cities, suburbs are points like cities so if you make a nominatim search some places can return other zona (suburn) or other Colonia (like districts inside a zona, but not administrative)

Right now Colonia are tagged as Hamlets, but again as points. reverse geocoding some Colonia (hamlets) seems to have more precedence that others even suburbs.

I want to understand how is the best way to do it in order to start working.


returns Montufar, Zona 9, Colonia Lomas de Pamplona, El Progreso, 01011

Zona 9 is the correct suburb, but Colonia Lomas de Pamplona is not and is tagged as hamlet and should be out of Zona 9 suburb, is in other suburn (zona 13), El progreso is a state name but like 60kms away, and 01011 I dont know what it is.. maybe a zipcode but is incorrect.

So what you suggest to start the fix ?


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Polygons work better when searching in the nominatim as streets get linked to nearest place node otherwise, so often that gives an incorrect result. The problem is knowing the boundary of the polygon you wish to map without infringing copyright I have only been able to use local knowledge or very old out of copyright maps. If you can create a polygon and comply with copyright it is best to delete the place node afterwards.

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answered 22 Jan '12, 22:16

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See also the country list on boundary=administrative for sub-national boundaries. (The values for Guatemala suggest that they are only proposed.)

(23 Jan '12, 02:10) Ebenezer

Suburb limits are available since are official, but is odd to get a name of a "colonia"=Neighborhood of a place that is officially other suburb, neighborhoods are now tagged as hamlets, do you think could help to tag it as is_in:suburb = XXXXX to force to stay in that suburb ?

(23 Jan '12, 04:07) neavilag

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