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The wiki says that hamlets are for "A settlement with under 100-200 inhabitants."

Villages are apparently the next step up, but are "A settlement with between 1,000 and 10,000 inhabitants."

How should I mark settlements with 800-900 inhabitants?

asked 20 Jan '12, 08:30

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Definition between 'hamlet' and 'village' can be country specific. In France, an hamlet is max. 100 and 800-900 is diffinitely a village. If locally you call your settlement a 'village', then tag it as a village.

(20 Jan '12, 23:41) Pieren

A hamlet is a small place with only a few houses. A place with facilities such as shops, school or church (or the like) makes it a village to me. Sometimes the wiki gets edited by someone with a rather narrow definition. Putting numbers on the size of the settlement seems like that to me, especially as the numbers leave gaps.

(21 Jan '12, 17:21) ChrisH

I would say generally, use your judgement. Does it feel very small, like a hamlet? If not tag it as a village.

This wiki page gives a slightly different definition from the one you quote:

Hamlet: unincorporated settlement with less than 100 inhabitants.

Village: Major rural settlement as defined by national/state/provincial government. May be an incorporated municipality. Generally smaller than a town, below 10,000 people

So as you can see, the definitions are a little vague, and some judgment is required. The sizes are also qualified on some wiki pages with "May vary by country."

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answered 20 Jan '12, 09:18

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A indian hamlet can be much bigger than a siberian hamlet :) Just yesterday I upgraded a place (ireland, pop 600) from hamlet to village, but YMMV.

(20 Jan '12, 10:54) Vincent de P... ♦

The wiki says a town has "more than 1,000 inhabitants, depending on local importance". I would think of a village as something with 1000 or less.

(01 Feb '12, 17:38) Qwertie

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