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I just got started with OSM. I would like to correct the information in Caroline County, Maryland, that shows simple dirt airstrips on nearby farms and "airports". This is misleading in the common understanding of north american english. Is there a dictionary or policy that will help me make edits that comply? Thanks, Don B

asked 20 Jan '12, 02:20

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They are actually both airports in the FAA sense. Map more detail!

(20 Jan '12, 17:57) Baloo Uriza

there's been some past discussion of this on the talk-us list:

(23 Jan '12, 14:25) neuhausr

Yeah, it seems to me that an air"port" that doesn't accept passengers should be called an "airstrip", "airfield" or "aerodrome" and not an airport. And if it doesn't accept airplanes either... well.

(01 Feb '12, 17:33) Qwertie

But they are all kinds of aerodromes, regardless of passenger or cargo service. All airports are aerodromes, not all aerodromes are airports.

(01 Feb '12, 17:38) Baloo Uriza

I'd probably ask about it on the talk-us mailing list. At least one airport near you seems to have been created by this changeset which imported lots of USGS GNIS data. See this page for more details.

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answered 20 Jan '12, 03:23

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Check out the page on Airports on the wiki I suspect it is finding aeroway=aerodrome.

One of the problems is that there is little to differentiate a small dirt strip (assuming it also has aeroway=aerodrome somewhere) from an international airport.

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answered 20 Jan '12, 03:00

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edited 20 Jan '12, 03:01

New-Zealand had the same problem when they imported a contry-wide database of airstrips : suddenly there were "airports" averywhere :). Apparently they just add "type=airstrip" to distinguish them now. But "aeroway=airfield" is also in use according to

(20 Jan '12, 10:37) Vincent de P... ♦

On 19 Nov 2012 changeset 13927540 introduced the (undocumented) tag aeroway=airstrip for about 3500 paddocks used as airstrips in New Zealand. This change removed the tag "type=airstrip" and the changeset note say it corrected an error. There are perhaps another 100 uses of the "aeroway=airstrip" tag elsewhere in the world. However this tag now makes up about 1% of all uses of the aeroway key. Most of these tags are nodes.

Given the "aeroway=airstrip" tag is already in use it could be used for small agricultural airfields. Such airfields usually do not have an IATA or ICAO code and do not provide any passenger flights nor have related aviation services, such as air traffic control or landing aids. They might have an FAA or similar code.

(29 Jan '17, 13:35) Huttite

AFAIK airstrip may have been in use before an edit in 2009 changed all aeroway=* to aerodrome.

(30 Jan '17, 11:13) SK53 ♦

Please read also the related discussion:

Also there there was no consensus reached yet.

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answered 23 Jan '12, 10:22

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